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OH AND CAN I JUST SAY LOL AT GLEE FOR USING THEIR OWN PROMOTIONAL FREEBIE SHIT IN AN EPISODE? Yeah, Glee, I have one of those fingers, too. And it is sitting on my shelf GATHERING DUST.

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(me - excuse the expression, I'm supposed to be dead ;))

Some panels at Comic Con give you free stuff for coming to the panel. Most of them are (XL) t-shirts, but Glee gave out these huge foam fingers. SARAH AND I PRETENDED THEY WERE GUNS SO WE COULD SHOOT OURSELVES IN THE HEADS. And this is probably the worst picture of me ever, but I love it because LOL FINGER, plus these were taken at the end of the last day of the Con, Sunday evening, and YOU CAN TELL. Those bags under my eyes represent an extended weekend of no sleep, lots of walking, and lots of FUN.
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Here is my very unfancy scrapbook for 2011!

2011 Scrapbook )
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I am literally sitting here staring at the clock, willing it to be 8 already. WHAT IS MY LIFE.

If anyone wants a streaming link for tonight's ep of Glee, here you go: http://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-fox.html

I have already listened to Teenage Dream approximately 500 times, and this is the first time I ever bought a Glee song off iTunes.

(which, btw - download / review it to show support for Darren! if you care. WHO ELSE ON MY FLIST LOVES THIS MAGNIFICENT BASTARD? [livejournal.com profile] bsafemydeers? anyone? anyone?)

In other (less happy-making) news: Old 97's added more tour dates. NONE IN DETROIT. :( Not even in MICHIGAN. I need them in my life! I'm hoping/praying/wishing they add more. They also don't have Chicago listed, and I think they always go there, sooo I'm taking this as a sign that they might add more dates. If they DO go to Chicago and not Detroit, I may haul my ass down there and go see them with [livejournal.com profile] aplethora. ONLY FOR YOU, RHETT. (also I guess [livejournal.com profile] aplethora is okay - plus there is also [livejournal.com profile] dugindeep 8D)
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I wish there was more I could do against this man than just NOT buy his comics. It doesn't seem like it's enough.

transcribed in case the messaged board post gets deleted )


Jun. 22nd, 2005 11:37 pm
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Spoilers for August and September's Robin, or, why I hate Bill Willingham )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] onthecontrary for the links. Even though they hurt me.


Jan. 22nd, 2005 01:12 am
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Am I the only one who is cranky about this whole Nightwing and Starfire are meant to be!!!!!11 crap that has suddenly come up?

Because if Dick is going to end up with anyone who isn't Tim or Bruce or Clark or Roy it should be Barbara, damnit! Isn't it bad enough that Batman/Wonder Woman isn't really canon except in the freaking JLU cartoons? I mean, Catwoman is cool and all, but she just doesn't do much for me. I did enjoy finding my own Batman/Wonder Woman subtext in the latest Wonder Woman comic issue. Diana is blind now, and while she's training Batman comes in to attack her, and she says "Bruce?" in this little voice, and, just. I love. <3 And then she points out he was the only one who didn't hold back while attacking her, and he's all *cranky* "Well did you want me to?" and she's like "No! I love you!". Or something like that. .... And if you consider all that spoilery I advise you to get over it, because I am insane about the spoilers and even I wouldn't consider that spoilery. (Does anyone around here read Wonder Woman, anyway? I picked the newest one up for IC fallout crap. Oh, my comics-trio, I cry for you.)

... I just went on amazon.com, and at the top of the page is some advertisement for Song of Susannah (recommended just for me!), and the opening sentence amuses me...

There's something about a crippled, black, schizophrenic, civil rights activist-turned-gunslinger...

Something indeed! LOL

This reminds me, though, about a dream I had the other night. It was another dream wherein I fangirl'd Stephen King. Why do my dreams keep torturing me like this?? At least in this one I wasn't meeting him, I just wrote him a letter and sent him this painting. I guess I thought he would like the bizarre AU-ness of it all. And, once again, I pimped Lori's Talisman/Dark Tower art, sending him lots of links... ahaha. I should really write him that letter, I'll bet he would love Lori's Roland!

Oh wow, this is pretty amusing! [livejournal.com profile] babb_chronicles - thanks for the link, [livejournal.com profile] derryderrydown.
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First, a disclaimer. I have used my wacom tablet maybe a total of 5 times because the thing baffles me, Photoshop baffles me, hell, life baffles me. So, mind you, these are doodles. Wah.

Because I am on crack:

doodle for glockgal and jackchain )

doodle for zeelee_penguin )

doodle for obsessedmuch )

doodle for fiendling )
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